SAENU-Locker Reinforced Plastic Locker
We provide highest quality products that has been tested and applied even to the detailed parts of the products.
All the Premier locker doors are vented for air circulation. The extra large storage boxes have hangers in it for hanging clothes and special cover equipped at the back for extra storage space.
※ Small and medium sizes of Premier type doesn't have the special cover at the back
Hanger Ventilation holes Storage space
Provide most diverse local mechanical/Electronic locking system to be applied in various settings.
No need of tools to put them together or break them a part.  
Multiple colors for suitable in all types of settings.
Our product is widely used in the world; Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, America. Our product is used in all types of private institutions, public institutions, homes, schools, fitness center, Waterparks, beaches, theaters.
Our product's durability is certified through pressure and shock test.
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